Developing life’s most important skills.

We cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around us.

Tools for a meaningful life

Imagine Clarity collaborates with outstanding artists and experts in order to inspire your imagination, open new perspectives, and develop your inner resources to live a fruitful life. Our sincere goal is to provide the spark –  a new insight, a new skill, a new goal – to awaken your potential and to reveal something new and meaningful along the way.


A creative journey with Maria João Pires

“We have a responsibility to lead our life in the best possible way: to help others and to share this planet with clarity and compassion. Music and art belong to that process. They belong to life, they are expressions of our surroundings and transmissions.” – Maria João Pires

Read on about Maria’s upcoming concert on November 19th and the upcoming app content.

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Imagine Meditation

An essential app for meditation and mindfulness

Meditators in more than 50 countries and 7000 cities. Explore topics like meditation, wisdom and compassion with leading authorities on the different practices of mindfulness and meditation. They share insights from years of meditation under the guidance of some of the greatest masters of our era, backed by a deep understanding of the latest neuroscience research.


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