Imagine Clarity’s vision is to foster inner development, well-being and meaningful lifestyles for the long-term benefit of individuals and society. Imagine Clarity collaborates with outstanding experts and artists in the fields of meditation, art, music, creativity, resilience, and altruism, and has key partners in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Key Contacts

Heidi Sederholm has Ph.D. studies on the Shamatha meditation training and in the field of NeuroLeadership. She has sought her contemplative knowledge by participating in various long-term retreats in Asia and US. Heidi has more than ten years of experience in SAP  where she was responsible for several value-based development programs in SAP EMEA and at the SAP key accounts. Heidi is the founder and the CEO of Imagine Clarity.

Sébastien Dubois is an engineer with experience in nuclear healthcare, cybersecurity and web communities. Observing patterns and systems led him to explore how technology and age-old wisdom can reconnect us with meaning, health and happiness. Sébastien is the CTO of Imagine Clarity.

Charles Hastings studied Sanskrit and Pali at Cambridge University and works on translations of ancient texts from Tibetan. Besides various teaching and business activities, he has spent 8 years in contemplative retreat and for many years has been practicing meditation with those who wish to discover their mind’s inner potential. Charles has been Matthieu Ricard’s close friend for 45 years and studied with the same spiritual masters. Charles provides meditation guidance and advice to the Imagine Clarity community.

Starting to play the piano at the age of seven with Prof. Arkuhi Harutyunyan, Lilit Grigoryan has graduated and taught at the Hochschule für Musik Rostock (class of Prof. Matthias Kirschnereit). 2013 she became a student of Maria Joao Pires and 2016 under the direction of Mrs. Pires she co-founded the Partitura Association. Lilit’s 2012 debut CD featured works by Scarlatti, Schumann, Bartok and Khachaturian. Lilit is leading artistic communication in Imagine Clarity.


Matthieu Ricard, humanitarian, Buddhist monk, bestselling author, photographer, scientist, speaker at TedTalks, Davos World Economic Forum and United Nations, combines and unifies two traditions: 21st century neuroscience with 25 centuries of mind training wisdom.

Maria João Pires began her studies of music and piano with Campos Coelho and Francine Benoît, continuing later in Germany, with Rosl Schmid and Karl Engel. In addition to her concerts, she has made recordings for Erato for fifteen years and Deutsche Grammophon for twenty years. Maria has devoted herself to reflecting on the influence of art on life, community and education, trying to discover new ways of establishing this way of thinking in society.

Alan Kozlowski was the co-founder of the Pacific Ocean Post (POP) post-production studio which won Oscars for visual effects for Independence Day, Titanic, and What Dreams May Come. Alan has directed and filmed innumerable documentaries and music videos for some of the world’s most renowned artists like the Beatles, Ravi Shankar, Leonard Cohen and Jeff Bridges. Alan has been the creative director for Imagine Clarity’s English content featuring Matthieu Ricard.

Leena Niemistö (MD, PhD) is a healthcare professional with 30 years of clinical and leadership experience. She is the board executive of several publicly listed companies as well as an investor in a number of startups. Leena’s role as a chairman of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet corresponds her own life-long and deep interest towards art and music. Leena Niemistö is chairman of Imagine Clarity’s board.

Klaus Hebben. After a successful business career in finance, mostly related to real estate and future trading, he shifted his activities in the late 1990s towards supporting charitable institutions and companies with a positive influence on society. He is the creator of WWC Asia that in 2016 became the 16th United World College. He also started the unique Thanyapura resort in Asia, which provides opportunities for professional sport, health and mindfulness. Klaus is the co-founder of Imagine Clarity.

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In a complex world where technology takes an ever-expanding place it is vital to refine our inner perspective and get in touch with the core of our humanity. Imagine Clarity’s unique online courses can bring about an inner revolution which is profound and peaceful and affects the quality of every moment of our experience.

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