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Concise and inspiring meditation cources with authentic authorities, backed by the latest neuroscientific research.

If we cultivate essential human qualities like skills, such as clarity, benevolence, compassion, caring, resilience, and inner peace, not only will we flourish in life, but through that, we can also benefit others, be a better person in society, care more for social justice and future generations.

“Everything in Imagine Clarity has been articulated in the spirit of ‘secular ethics’; how to become a better and more compassionate human being.”

–Matthieu Ricard

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Discover meditation

by Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard explains the benefits of mind training and guides us through a variety of meditation techniques. He explores the inner conditions for authentic well-being and the need to cultivate altruism and compassion. The methods are a bridge between twenty-five centuries of wisdom in training the mind and contemporary research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

Practice daily

by Charles Hastings

Anyone can learn to meditate with this series of short ten-minute meditations with Charles Hastings. More experienced meditators can use it to refresh and stabilize their daily practice. The basic techniques are explained step by step, to stabilize the mind and awaken our natural inner resources.

Mindfulness of Breathing

by Alan Wallace

Dr B. Alan Wallace combines his long experience in meditation and understanding of scientific research to share a series of practices that he devised for the ground-breaking study of meditation at the University of California.

Insights Through Mindfulness

by Alan Wallace

“Indispensable for anyone wanting to understand the mind. A superb, clear set of exercises that will benefit everyone.” – Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco

Imagine Clarity is an app about mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is not just emptying our mind and relaxing. Meditation is training our minds.

We should never get discouraged that we cannot change the world, because it begins with us, and slowly when like-minded people get to a critical mass, we can have a change of culture.

-It does start with oneself, there’s no other way! So, thank you for being with us.”

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Je ne vous remercierai jamais assez. « ImagineClarity » est une immense bénédiction pour moi et, j’en suis sûre, pour beaucoup d’autres personnes. J’espère sincèrement trouver au fond de moi la force de pratiquer vos recommandations pendant toute ma vie – avec dévotion et dévouement.


Cette application est un compléments à tous les livres de Matthieu Ricard. Le message qu’il transmet est à prendre au sérieux et les conseils qu’il donne valent la peine d’être intégrés dans nos vies. Une sage application!

— France

Merci Matthieu Ricard pour cette incroyable ressource. J’adore regarder vos vidéos d’apprentissage ; elles m’aident énormément. L’application « Clarity » m’est apparue à un moment où j’en avais grand besoin car je traversais de grandes souffrances. Elle m’a donné l’espoir et les outils nécessaires pour débuter mon processus de guérison. Je ne vous remercierai jamais assez. Je vous envoie beaucoup d’amour.


Une application géniale ! Un moine de grande renommée. J’ai beaucoup appris. Chaque mot employé nous va droit au cœur. Cette appli aidera beaucoup de gens intéressés par la méditation ou le Bouddhisme mais qui sont trop occupés pour s’y adonner . Merci!


I must mention that the arguments you offer to back your recommendations, be it for Altruistic love and in the most recent video I saw, of how a mother would feel joy (rather than pain) if she were able to take her child’s burden on her herself etc. encourages me to practice them. Thank you immensely.

— Oman

I cannot thank you enough for the immense blessing ImagineClarity is to myself and I’m sure, to many others. And I sincerely hope that I find within myself the strength to practice your recommendations throughout life – with devotion and dedication.

— Saudi Arabia

Thank you Matthieu Ricard for this wonderful resource. I love watching your teaching videos; they are helping me immensely. The Clarity app has come to me at a time of great need, of great suffering and it is giving me the hope and the tools to start a healing process. I cannot thank you enough. Much love.

— Switzerland

An awesome App! A well renowned monk, deeply learned, each word he spells out goes right into our heart. This app will help a lot of lay and busy people interested in meditation or Buddhism in a much greater way. Thank You!

— US

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In a complex world where technology takes an ever-expanding place it is vital to refine our inner perspective and get in touch with the core of our humanity. Imagine Clarity’s unique online courses can bring about an inner revolution which is profound and peaceful and affects the quality of every moment of our experience.

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