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Concise and inspiring meditation courses with authentic authorities, backed by the latest neuroscientific research.

If we cultivate essential human qualities like skills, such as clarity, benevolence, compassion, caring, resilience, and inner peace, not only will we flourish in life, but through that, we can also benefit others, be a better person in society, care more for social justice and future generations.

“Everything in Imagine Clarity has been articulated in the spirit of ‘secular ethics’; how to become a better and more compassionate human being.”

–Matthieu Ricard

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Discover meditation

by Matthieu Ricard

Matthieu Ricard explains the benefits of mind training and guides us through a variety of meditation techniques. He explores the inner conditions for authentic well-being and the need to cultivate altruism and compassion. The methods are a bridge between twenty-five centuries of wisdom in training the mind and contemporary research in cognitive psychology and neuroscience.

Practice daily

by Charles Hastings

Anyone can learn to meditate with this series of short ten-minute meditations with Charles Hastings. More experienced meditators can use it to refresh and stabilize their daily practice. The basic techniques are explained step by step, to stabilize the mind and awaken our natural inner resources.

Mindfulness of Breathing

by Alan Wallace

Dr B. Alan Wallace combines his long experience in meditation and understanding of scientific research to share a series of practices that he devised for the ground-breaking study of meditation at the University of California.

Insights Through Mindfulness

by Alan Wallace

“Indispensable for anyone wanting to understand the mind. A superb, clear set of exercises that will benefit everyone.” – Paul Ekman, Professor Emeritus at the University of California, San Francisco

Imagine Clarity is an app about mindfulness and meditation. Meditation is not just emptying our mind and relaxing. Meditation is training our minds.

We should never get discouraged that we cannot change the world, because it begins with us, and slowly when like-minded people get to a critical mass, we can have a change of culture.

-It does start with oneself, there’s no other way! So, thank you for being with us.”

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It’s a quality application: the content is extremely clear and rich. With the authors’ pedagogy, we learn to go to the basics with simplicity and authenticity. This application is the embodiment of love and altruism. With gratitude.

— Zakia, Algeria

Genuine App for Meditation, Mindfulness & Mind training!

Matthieu Ricard and Alan Wallace are the best and most authentic contemporary meditation teachers! Their teachings come from the heart! I have reviewed more than 100 apps on meditation, mindfulness and training the mind. The depth and clarity of teachings in this app are superlative and unmatched! Developing loving-kindness and compassion are as important as cultivating mindfulness and this is the only app which covers these aspects skilfully. Thank you, IC and the entire core team including the great teachers!

— Parulbrat, App Store India

Best meditation app there is

In trying to maintain a daily practice, I’ve tried most (maybe all) of the mediation apps available. This one, for me, has been perfect. It provides teachings and insights that refresh and bolster one’s commitment; you get practical teachings and guided meditations alongside even more detailed videos and audio segments explaining WHY we do these things in a particular way, and how everyone benefits from these processes. It’s inspiring.

— denseweed, App Store Canada

Absolutely the best meditation app out there. I have tried a few and this one is the winner. The UX is simple and doesn’t have any fancy features, although is well organized and has beautiful pictures, extra resources, and a helpful tracker/stats + timer. But what truly matters, the content, is just excellent. The people behind the scripts, structure, and narrative are serious mediators themselves with a profound understanding of the subject. The guided meditations go beyond the feel-good approach of other apps and provide insightful instructions and sufficient explanations. I highly recommend it.

— Adrian, Google Play

The essential guide in your pocket

It is stunning. After reading a good number of Matthieu’s books I never suspected he had more to offer. ‘Imagine Clarity’ is the extra dimension like the extra coats of varnish that add luminescence to a Stradivarius violin. You are kidding yourself that you are too far along to benefit from ‘Imagine Clarity’. Best for beginners and well-worn travellers alike. It is the Dojo of developing wisdom heart and wisdom mind. If you can gain enlightenment by staring at your phone, Matthieu Ricard’s ‘Imagine Clarity’ is the surest path. The money spent is nothing compared with what you get for the price of admission into ‘Imagine Clarity’…

—, App Store Canada

Wonderful app

I’m very glad I bought a subscription to this app. Its teachings are far more in-depth than certain other mindfulness apps. For that reason, I will be sticking with Imagine Clarity for the near future.

— Matt, App Store USA

I just want to thank you for this fantastic job! After many attempts to meditate regularly, I’m finally being constant. And I’m starting to see benefits for me and for people around me. I’m very happy and entusiastic. Once again, congratulations!

— User from Spain

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In a complex world where technology takes an ever-expanding place it is vital to refine our inner perspective and get in touch with the core of our humanity. Imagine Clarity’s unique online courses can bring about an inner revolution which is profound and peaceful and affects the quality of every moment of our experience.

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