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Creative journey update

October 23rd, 2018

The first course of Creative Journey, where Maria João Pires shares her reflections on music and life, now features videos edited in longer format including previously unpublished content in the last two modules. Additional text and visuals are provided to further support the interviews.

Its first module, “Listening to life”, is available to all Imagine Clarity subscribers.

In a new series primarily for amateur pianists, Maria and her  student practice a variation from Clara Schumann followed by the Fantastic Waltz, Albumblätter op. 124 from Robert Schumann. Maria tells him he needs to be aware of the sounds, colors, phrasing, dynamics while engaging his body, breath and hand movements:
“Even if you practice a lot, if your body movements aren’t right and if you practice only with the brain, you will end up always repeating the same mistakes… We need to practice very slowly, always being aware of the musical phrasing and conscious of our body movements.”

The videos have optional French subtitles accessible through the “CC” button.


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