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What would bring you a true sense of meaning?

June 30th, 2019

Alan’s new course, Conative intelligence and Flourishing, invites you to probe deeply into your mind and discover the deep aspirations that will lead you to true fulfillment.

Conation is the mental faculty of purpose, desire, and volition.
Conative intelligence is establishing a reality-based range of desires and aspirations oriented toward one’s own and others’ happiness.

Alan invites us to reflect on the following four themes:

The heart’s desire What would make you truly happy?
Receiving from the world What would you love to receive from the world to help you find such well-being?
An evolution of the spirit How would you love to transform and mature inwardly in order to realize such well-being?
Offering to the world In order to lead the most meaningful life possible, what would you love to offer to the world?

These are discursive, or contemplative meditations. The first two are already on line. It is advisable to spend a few days reflecting on each one:

The heart’s desire
What is your vision of a good life, your vision of what would truly bring you happiness, a sense of fulfillment, satisfaction and meaning?

Receiving from the world
We cannot possibly find the fulfillment that we seek entirely on our own, independently. Our very existence is interwoven with our natural environment around us, with other people, other creatures of all kinds.
In this session, you are invited to pose a second question. What would you love to receive from the world around you to enable you to realize your heart’s desire?

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